Retention rate impresses board


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The high percentage of sophomores returning each year to the College of Eastern Utah surprised many in attendance when Dean of Student Life DEl Beatty presented the figures to the Board of Regents at their monthly meeting held on the Price campus September 5.

Beatty stated, "The most recent IPEDS (2007-2008 academic year) report indicated a first to second year retention rate of 76 percent for full-time students and 89 percent for part-time students."

According to Beatty, "I personally think [the reason for the high rate] is the 'climate of caring" we try to create on our campus through personal connections with students; couple that with our perfect size -- and it is an unbeatable scenario for retention success."

Beatty also proposed various other reasons for the unusual retention rate in his presentation to the Board. These reasons included, "Continued emphasis on small faculty/student ratios, continued development of the academic alert program, [and contacting] all students who dropped below a 2.0."

In recognition of the need to continually address student issues, Beatty discussed some future plans to increase future retention rates. These plans include, "Requiring a college success skills class for all first year students [and] requiring academic adviser consultation before withdrawal [from CEU] is approved."

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