Series of Campus crimes

Thefts prompt increased personal security
Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 12:00am

In the course of one day, over $3,000 was allegedly stolen from College of Eastern Utah dining services employees during the summer term. The employees arrived on campus, deposited their belongings in the women's locker room, and left campus later for lunch when they discovered their money was missing. Over $2,500 was taken from a single employee, although various employees also had money stolen.

Allegedly, six employees have taken polygraph tests concerning

the incident. It is suspected that video surveillance of the locker room is also being used as evidence.

The thefts bring to light an important, albeit sometimes overstated

point - personal responsibility for belongings. The lockers in question lacked pad locks in order to prevent such a theft from occurring.

Despite the closeness of the employees, this theft still happened and serves as a reminder to all of us to protect our belongings using basic common sense.

Remember, always lock up when you leave your room, car, locker, etc. If you were a student here last year, you probably heard about the series of thefts in the Aaron Jones dorms. Many of the items were stolen in those incidences because dorm rooms were left unlocked by trusting residents whose faith was taken advantage of.

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