Seven CEU Academic All-Americans

Posted Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 6:45pm

College of Eastern Utah athletes graduated 70 percent of their sophomores for the 2004-2005 academic year. They also had some of the highest grade point averages.

Candice Knudsen Norris, a 5' 10" foreword from South Jordan, Utah, was Co-Valedictorian. She was the second woman's basketball player in four years to hold the position. That year also happens to be year the women's basketball team had the best record in history with 23 wins and nine losses. They placed third overall in the conference behind Salt Lake Community College and College of Southern Idaho.

CEU had seven Academic All-American athletes for that year as well: two in volleyball; Stephanie Cox and Jordan Fox, two in men's basketball; Michael Kirkpatrick and Robert Young, and three in women's basketball; Cassie Warburton, Candice Knudsen Norris, and Lindsey Arnoldus.

The average GPA of the women's basketball team for the 2003-2004 academic year was 3.450. With 15 people on the team, the highest GPA was a 4.000 and the lowest was 2.392.

Men's basketball had an average of 2.720. The lowest was 2.112 and the highest was 3.943 with 16 on the team.

Of the 17 possible graduates from both teams last year, 11 graduated, five from the men's team and six from the women's team.

Volleyball had nearly the same numbers as women's basketball; 3.400 average GPA and four out of six possible graduates went on to graduate. The lowest GPA was 2.392 and the highest was 3.940 and there were 14 people on the team.

Baseball also follows the trend of men with 2.170 average GPA, the lowest being 2.117 and the highest being 3.788. Though they did have more possible graduates graduate, eight out of ten, they had 23 people on the team.

Of all the athletes for the 2003-2004 year, an average of 70 percent of the possible graduates graduated; 67 percent of the volleyball team graduated, 75 percent of the possible graduates on the women's basketball team, 56 percent on the men's basketball team graduated and 80 percent of those possible on the

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