Still no sign of light at night

Outdated lighting system will not be replaced this academic year
Posted Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 6:57pm

Some members of The Eagle staff toured campus on the night of April 2, when it became apparent that the Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah campus is still dark.

Fifty-eight lights were void of luminosity. Of these lights, 47 were pole lights while the other 11 were on buildings for security reasons, as their illuminated counterparts would suggest. Another 10 lights were in varying states of brightness, but obviously not fulfilling their potential.

The east side of the Western Instructional Building, the back of the motor pool parking lot, and the southeast corner of the library and the west entrance of the old Student Activities Center were entirely dark.

While reports of lights losing their luminosity are appreciated, some part of the bulbs or the fixtures are no longer in production and the school will only be fixing the lights that are of the greatest concern with regards to security. The lights have been put on a list of major repairs necessary for the college, and the system will hopefully be replaced, at least in part, soon according to Brad King, vice chancellor for administration and advancement.

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