SUN Center's Angel Tree


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Once again the SUN Center started off the Christmas season with a bang with their annual Angel Tree of 2007. With countless volunteers and six main workers, the Sun Center was able to provide needy families with much appreciated gifts.

This year the sun center was able to provide presents for 23 families from around the county. With an average of five gifts going to each individual, the gifts numbered close to three hundred this year.

As always, the official angel tree was found decorated to the hilt on the student center ground floor and everyone was invited to take an angel and donate to the less fortunate families of the county.

While numerous individuals pitched in to help out with the holiday donations, the main coordinators were Kathy Murray, Jenny Cawley, Jordon Grange, Heather Gray, Maria Bjarnson, Danielle Olson, Angie Crayn, Allison Guy, and Christie Layton. The women worked endlessly coordinating the assistance to each family, the organizing and the delivery of the gifts.

The angels and their gifts were separated and bagged in order to start their delivery on December 13. With 23 families to deliver to, the SUN center had much work to do, in order to deliver the Christmas surprises on time to each family.

When speaking with Heather Gray she expressed her love of participating in the Angel tree, saying it was her third year helping out. She told of how fun it was shopping for the children and picking out clothes and toys she knew they would love.

Each member of the SUN Center participated in shopping and wrapping gifts for the angels as well as organizing and delivering the gifts.

As the angels came in, a plethora of gifts were wished for and including coats, cleaning supplies and other necessities for the neediest of the families.

On the contrary, many other families asked for larger gifts such as the more expensive toys and games. For the most part, it was found that the angels consisted more of the families who needed the simpler things to get throughout the winter.

Although this year was not as big as years past, the Angel Tree was still a huge success, showing the generous spirit of not only the SUN Center, but also of the individuals in our community.

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