Tagging on campus


Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 3:37pm

Last Friday and Saturday night, 130-150 cars were tagged in USU-CEU residence hall parking lots. The crimes were not reported until Monday morning, said James Prettyman, director of public safety.

A USU-CEU student called on Monday morning to report the incident they witnessed on Friday night, Prettyman said. Three girls and one boy appeared to be tagging the cars. It was homecoming weekend at the high school and the crime may be attributed to some of those students, he said. They culprits looked young.

What exactly was written on all those cars? Random things from, “I love boobies” to “Free hugs.” There wasn’t any vulgarity written as far as what has been seen.

What’s odd about the situation is no one has complained. Prettyman suggests that, if students feel violated, then they should report it. “If you don’t have a victim, you don’t have a crime,” he stated.

Have people taken the steps to make their complaints heard? Not yet, they haven’t. “People need to be a little more aware of what’s going on.”

Prettyman also stated that whoever tagged the vehicles will be prosecuted with criminal mischief if they are caught. “Is it an annoyance? Yes.”

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