There is nothing wrong with gay cowboys.

Posted Thursday, February 2, 2006 - 12:00am

I am going to write about something that may be old news, but just found out about it and I have got to say a little something about it.

I recently found out about the little incident where Larry H. Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz among other things, pulled the gay cowboy movie from his theatres. Not gay in the sense that it was a lame movie or it had a lot of happy cowboys, but literally gay cowboys. The movie in question is "Brokeback Mountain".

This is an act that disturbs me on many levels. In the first place I understand that it is his theatre and he can do with it what he wants, as is his right as the owner, however in doing so, he has taken from everyone who goes to the movies the right, and freedom of choice, to decide if this movie is one that they should go see. It is my God-given right, and the right of every other human being to choose whether or not they want to go see that movie regardless of the content.

I have looked into the whole situation and can understand where Miller is coming from. Well, actually I lied, I have no idea where Miller is coming from. He claims to be upholding some kind of moral value or something along those lines, but I call male cow feces on that one. I say that Larry H. Miller does not like gay people and/or homosexuality in and of itself, plain and simple.

Another issue I have with this situation is one that really has nothing to do with the gay lifestyle. Example: say I am an avid moviegoer and have no vehicle. I decide to see Brokeback Mountain. I live within walking distance of one of Miller's theatres but now I have to go get on a bus because Miller cannot accept the notion of love between two people of the same gender.

I have not seen this movie but am pretty sure they are not going to include any bedroom scenes. Besides from what I have been lead to understand, this is a love story. Love knows no boundaries, has no eyes and all the other cliches you hear about it. Who is Larry H. Miller, or anyone else for that matter to say that love between any two people is wrong and should not be seen? Honestly, who does Miller think he is? And he can't say he's upholding moral values because as he was pulling a movie about gay cowboys from his theatre, he let play another movie about adultery. Now I could be wrong but last time I checked in the Bible, adultery was considered so bad that it was one of the Ten Commandments. None of the Ten Commandments say not to be gay. So if this is the case, one could surmise that Miller believes it is quite OK to be unfaithful to one's spouse as long as it is not with someone of the same gender as you are. Bad Larry H. Miller, bad.

Quick, not so random tidbit, but not really useful information. According to my high school history teacher, in ancient times homosexuality was actually encouraged by military leaders among their soldiers due to the fact that one is more likely to fight harder in order to protect a loved one in combat.

Now I know a lot of people are really homophobic, and some even go so far as to do the whole gay-bashing thing, but why do you hate these people so bad? Honestly, what are they doing to you? Is it not everybody's right to choose who it is they want to be with? How would you feel if somebody was harassing you and trying to give you a hard time every day of your life simply because of who you love? It would not feel too good would it? And don't give me the whole "because it's against God" thing that's just a cop out for those who cannot come up with something on their own. Murder is against God and yet people do not get as down on murderers as they do with gays. It's not only that, but what gives you the right to judge? As far as I know that is something reserved for the Almighty.

They're here, get used to it. I have personally met quite a few gay people and have been friends with a few others and from what I could tell they are just like everybody else. Some of them are nice, some are jerks, it just depends on the individual. As a matter of fact, some of the coolest people I have ever met were gay. On a side note for all the guys, I highly recommend befriending a lesbian. They are great for advice on guy/girl relationships.

But as I was writing, can anyone give me a good reason why gay people are looked down upon by many in society? Because if it's cool to just go be rude and possibly beat up someone who does things that are offensive to someone else, then I strongly suggest that people with strong body odor be on the lookout for me. I find smelly people highly offensive, what they do is disgusting. Anybody that does not shower daily, or engages in some other activity that would cause themselves or anything else to stink is wrong and deserves everything bad that can possibly happen to them. But on a slightly more serious note, be nice to gay people. All people, regardless of what they do, believe, say, think, etc., especially in this country, are entitled to all the same rights and privileges as any other. They have not done anything to you. The only thing I can think of is if they were checking you out. But that's just because you are such a hottie.

Now all I am trying to say is that removing "Brokeback Mountain" from theatres was wrong. Had Miller removed a movie about some other controversial subject, he may have come under a lot more pressure from other people and organizations, and quite possibly had legal action taken against him. If he was going to remove a movie, he should have taken out the new King Kong movie. Did you see the way that King Kong was looking at the attractive young lady in that movie? Isn't that bestiality or something?

So last but not least, I hope Miller reads this so I can tell him thank you. Thank you Mr. Miller for watching out for me even though what you have done is really not a good idea. Had you not done that, I might have watched a good movie about two cowboys in love rather than one about people getting chopped into itty-bitty pieces, or a movie about adultery.

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Ummm Yea you really should see the movie becuase there is a lot of scenes in it that are porn like! It really was the best movie that I have ever seen, but there were some scenes in it were you could see everything!! but yea I think that he should not have pulled it off but all well now lol.