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Eagle Cards

For years, CEU's activity cards have been honored by local businesses, giving college students discounts on goods and services throughout the community. However, finding where to use the card has always been a challenge.

ASCEU leadership has failed in the past to publicize the businesses that offer discounts. This year, student leadership has found a few new sponsors for the program.

That business relationship can be a positive resource for the college. The business that students generate in the community can be positive for the businesses.

However, that business relationship mandates that the students who represent the college do so in a professional and dignified manner. Stop by Sherald's Burger Bar on Main Street. While you're picking up a burger, shake, or some of their Greek cuisine, check out the poster that CEU's student leaders made for that business.

Here we have a business that is willing to offer a discount to our students. Students save money. The burger joint gets more business. Every body is in a winning situation.

But our college showed up with a sign advertising Sherald's participation in the Eagle Card discount program. Students get 10 percent off any purchase. But that sign was made on a piece of unevenly-cut butcher paper. It is drawn with markers.

Of course, the person who made the sign put some effort into it, and by no means do we wish to demean his or her effort. However, the college owns a large format printer capable of making high quality posters. Peczuh Printing is a local business that can produce flyers and posters in large volume.

But our student leaders did not take advantage of those kinds of resources. The business relationship that the college has with local businesses is worth more than posters on butcher paper drawn with a spectrum of Sharpie® markers.

ASCEU leadership should represent the college better by displaying a more professional front to the business community of Price and Carbon County.


For the past three years, students have been welcomed back to a campus split by chain link fences and echoing with the noises of jackhammers and backhoes.

In 2003, the new Reeves Building was constructed. In 2004, the old Reeves Building that stood adjacent to the Geary Theater was demolished and the new tunnel system was installed. And here we are in 2005, when the old tunnels need to be removed.

We wish to make it perfectly clear that we understand the financial constraints that dictate construction. New construction cannot occur prior to the state's fiscal new year, which begins on July 1. That dictates that many improvements take place at the start of the academic year.

We just find humor in the façade the college presents to new students as they go through orientation in the late summer and arrive for classes in the fall.

Like last year, we favor a land bridge that would allow easier access from the JLSC to the Library, SAC and Reeves buildings. Pedestrian traffic should be more carefully planned. Rather than completely blocking the sidewalk and routing traffic onto the lawn, traffic should be directed to the sides of the JLSC, entering near the back of bookstore or at near the alumni room. As students trample and kill the grass, regular watering turns it into a swamp. A proper construction management plan would take into account pedestrian traffic and handle it more effectively.

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