Top ten first dates mistakes

Posted Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 7:21pm

1. Playing Call of Duty- As pro as you are at killing Terrorists in a video game, I highly doubt your date wants to watch you play live with your buds. You might make an argument that she could play with you. How many females do you know personally, that can play COD? You can’t think of any. I rest my case.

2. Taking a vegan to a Brazilian steakhouse- Knowing that your date is a vegan is something you should have found out before you rolled up to the restaurant, that has wild boar on a stick. I know it’s awesome to eat at a restaurant that has meat from every living creature known to man, but not for a vegan. That is need to know info.

3. Taking your date to meet your parents, on the first date- If you do this, it might be your last date for a while. No female wants to meet Mom and Dad when they don’t even know you. That’s love-life suicide. You could be living at home; in that case I can kind of see that happening, but keep it brief.

4. The Movies- I know this has been the standard for years and years. Think about it for a minute, you spent two hours staring at a movie screen and not talking. You just wasted two hours of get to know you time. If you really want to get a girl, go to dinner and skip the movie. Do something where it’s just you two….know what I mean.

5. Sporting events- There is nothing better if you’re going on a bro date. For those of you who don’t know what a bro date is; it’s where two totally straight men, who share common interests go to something just as friends to get to know each other better. This date is not for women, unless by some miracle you find a girl that likes to watch sports as much as you do.

6. Mini Golf- This game was super fun when you were like 10. Out smarting a windmill might be exciting in some way, just not on a date. It’s time to grow up and be a man and go golfing; real golfing, just not with a woman. I see a bro date in your future.

7. Museum- Talk about a buzz kill, I wish I went to more museums, but the truth is, I don’t. Unless you met your date at a museum, you shouldn’t ever take her to one. Let’s get real, they are really boring; why would you want to take you’re date to one? They can be very interesting, but not for a date.

8. Comedy Shows- There is only one reason why this made the list, but it’s very important. If the comedian is terrible, that bad vibe stays with you the whole night. If the comedian is good then it’s a great night. The risk outweighs the benefit.

9. Any date...but you text during the date- I really don’t have to explain how bad this is. Texting while with anyone is rude, especially when you’re on a date. How would you react? She probably thinks your texting your bro about COD. You can’t have that. She needs all the attention.

10. Take her to McDonalds and tell her she can help herself to the dollar menu- Let’s get real if you take your date to McDonalds, you won’t need to worry about planning a second date. This just tells the female how cheap you really are. She should find out how cheap you are when you’re in a committed relationship, just not this early.

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