Tuition projected to go up next year

Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 6:58pm

Students will have to dig deeper in their pockets next fall and spring semesters as tuition is projected to go up anywhere from six to seven percent, according to Chancellor Joe Peterson at a meeting on March 6 in the Reeves Building.

Although no students attended the hearing from the Price campus, students from EUSA Blanding campus attended via distance education.

In 2011-12, USU Eastern residential students paid $1,236 tuition plus $225 in fees, totaling $1,461. USU Logan students pay $2,368 tuition, $413 fees, totaling $2781. Snow College students pay $6 less and SLCC students pay $65 more.

Non-residential, out-of-state students pay $2.697 at USU Eastern, $8,039 at USU Logan, $4,793 at Snow and $4,802 at SLCC.

The Utah Board of Regents approved a state-wide five percent increase for all colleges in tier one. Each individual campus can add a tier-two increase. USU Eastern is asking for a zero to two percent increase. The most increase students at Eastern could see is $86.52.

Faculty and staff may see a one-percent salary increase from tier one. They may see an additional one-half to one-percent salary increase in tier two.

The difference in the overall budgets from 2011 and 2012 is minus $234,007. With the five percent increase, USU Eastern’s base budget will increase $180,590, one-fourth portion of the one-percent salary increase is $46,644, and an additional half percent increase is $94,289. Other increases will be added to enrollment services.

Peterson said student fees will remain at $225 per term. As per EUSA recommendations, internal allocations will add more funding to student activities with reductions in student recruitment funds.

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