From Turkey to Canada and now USU Eastern


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Mufitcan Alp, better known simply as “Alp” is a forward for the USU Eastern men’s basketball team. Alp is originally from Turkey. He says life in Turkey is almost the same as life in the United States; friends, parents, basketball, and studies. One difference, though, is a good one, “the social life is so much better in Price,” he said. In 2008 Alp was recruited by Bodwell High School in Vancouver, Canada to play on their basketball team. He left Turkey, and moved in with a host family in Canada for two years to study and play basketball on scholarship.

When asked how he managed to make it from Turkey to Canada to Price, Utah; Alp explained that a friend from high school in Canada had come to USU Eastern. Alp came to Eastern to continue with his love of playing basketball and to further his education. Teammate Chase Flint says, “He is super funny and he always tells the truth,” when asked his opinion of Alp. Alp says his plan after Eastern is to transfer to a D1 University and continue playing basketball.

Alp’s favorite part of basketball is an experience he had of playing for a team, made up of players 18 years old and younger, in Turkey who went on to win the National Title. One thing he is most proud of in his life is being recruited by, and receiving a scholarship from Bodwell High School in Canada.

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