Two metal plates and screws put Quiles back together again

In the blink of an eye
Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 8:55pm

Adalberto Quiles turned around when out of nowhere there it was, a season-ending injury. He fielded a ground ball and threw it across the middle when everyone exclaimed, “Heads up,” as he turned, a hard-liner hit from the bat of Kameron King screamed across the field and struck him in the jaw. In a whirlwind of pain and blur, Quiles could feel the blood rushing from his gums and lip, plus the sharp pain in his jaw.

Luke Madsen asked, “are you okay?” Quiles quickly replied, “It’s broken.”

Rushing off the field holding his left hand below his mouth to catch the blood, Quiles rushed up the stairs to the top of the dugout. Assistant Coach Rob Smith loaded Quiles into the front seat of his vehicle and quickly drove him to the hospital. Struggling to speak English and dealing with the excruciating, pain it was tough to communicate with the doctors.

Eventually Quiles had his lip stitched together at the hospital and had X-rays taken. His jaw had been broken in two places and required two-metal plates and screws to put it back together. He also had knocked out a tooth in the back of his mouth. Not being able to have the surgery the same night here in Price, Quiles had to head back to his campus apartment and stay the night still with his jaw broken.

The next day he had surgery at Castle View Hospital where doctors traveling from Provo, Utah inserted two plates into his jaw and wired his mouth shut to prevent re-injuring the break. His jaw is on track to have the wires taken off in six weeks if everything goes according to plan.

Even with all of this, Quiles still keeps a positive attitude towards everything. This shows what kind of heart and desire he has to get the back on the field with his brothers and play the game he loves. Quiles would also like to thank everyone for helping take care of him and all the support they have shown and an extra thank you to Jonathan Santiago and Kyle Durbin. Quiles father traveled from Puerto Rico to USU Eastern the day of Quile’s surgery to help tend to his son’s injuries. His father would like to give a special thanks to all of students and staff that have helped Quiles through this time and is grateful for everyone who helped him and his son.

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