USU Eastern's SUN Center recognizes Stephanie Richards for some sunshine

Going above and beyond
Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 7:56pm

Stephanie Richards USU Eastern’s dance teacher, was nominated by Emma Rowley for the SUN Center’s new SUNshine Award. Rowley stated that she nominated her because “she is always happy and positive.” This positive attitude is what SUN Center wants to see throughout USU Eastern’s campus.

Jason Fredrickson, a member of the SUN Center presidency, stated “the Sunshine award was started because several leaders in the SUN Center wanted a way to recognize those in USU Eastern’s faculty, staff and administration that go above and beyond to make this campus a better place for everyone.”

The Traveling SUNshine Award is given to someone new every two weeks. The recipients receive the award, a gold statue holding the sun that they may keep in their office for two weeks. They also receive a SUNshine Award certificate which they keep.

SUN Center also has a traveling SUN Shine award for USU Eastern students. It is a ball that is passed along through acts of kindness. The student who receives the award must text the email address that is written on the ball, and pass it on to the next student they see doing good.

The SUN Center hopes to encourage an increased amount of service and positive attitudes on campus through these awards. They want to show appreciation for the small and meaningful service that happens every day. It’s the little things that are done that come together to make an amazing campus for everyone.

Upcoming SUN Center events include: Green Team, every Friday from 10-11 a.m.; Kids @ Heart, every Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30 a.m-12:45 p.m.; Habitat for Humanity, every Thursday, 5:30-7 p.m.; Bread ‘n’ Soup Nov. 12 and 19 from 5:30-7p.m. Those who need service hours can bake something for the Breakaway bake sale that will be held during each Bread ‘N’ Soup night. The Statewide Food Drive Competition is Oct. 29-Nov. 30, for more information on upcoming events and to sign-up, visit the SUN Center on the second floor of the Jennifer Levitt Student Center or call 435-613-5284.

SUN Center advisor, Terry Johnson said, “We most likely have a project that interests you, so we look forward to receiving a call and seeing you in the SUN Center soon.”

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