Utah poets to present poetry reading at CEU

Posted Thursday, February 12, 2004 - 12:00am

Utah poet laureate Ken Brewer and poet Natasha Saje will present a poetry reading at the College of   Eastern Utah's Alumni Room in the College Center Building, at 7:30 pm, on February 26th. The community is encouraged to attend this free reading sponsored by CEU and the Utah Arts Council.

"When Ken Brewer was named Utah poet laureate, the state's leading ambassador for literature, former students were not surprised.

He has mentored many ... and encouraged all writers everywhere he went," says former student Star Coulbrooke, who teaches some of the classes Brewer used to teach before he retired from teaching at Utah State University.

Ken's readings are known to be inspiring and entertaining. Author of 8 books of poetry and more than 300 published poems, he has just completed a murder mystery in poetry. His recently released New and Selected Poems is titled The Sum of Accidents.

Natasha Saje, an associate professor of English at Westminster college in Salt Lake, and administrator of the Weeks Poetry Series, also teaches in the Vermont College MFA Writing Program.   Her first book of poems Red Under the Skin was chosen from over 900 manuscripts to win the Agnes Lynch Starrett poetry prize, published by University of Pittsburgh Press, and later was awarded the Towson State Prize in Literature.

Her second collection of poems Bend was published in January 2004 by Tupelo Press. Other prizes include the 2002 Campbell Corner Award, and the Robert Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America. "There's hunger for the world in {Saje's} poems – its experiences and musics, its splendors and terrors," writes poet Gregory Orr. Ms. Saje was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up in New York.

Contact CEU, either Kent Templeton or Nancy Takacs, 613-5365; or 613-5329 for more information.

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