Volleyball team ends season with a win

Lady Eagles at regional competition
Posted Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 6:14pm

With the last three games of the season the past two weeks, the Eagles volleyball team went one for two with a win the final game.

The first game was October 21, when the Eagles traveled to the nationally ranked Southern Idaho. CEU struggled throughout all three matches. They lost 25-17, 25-19 and 25-9. No players had double digits on kills. Miranda Parkinson had the team high of nine. The team had a total of 22 assists. Barbara Jardin collected 13 of the 22

The following day, the women traveled north to face North Idaho College, where the same outcome was the result. There were three quick losses to end the match 25-12, 25-18,and 25-20. The Eagles struggled again with 27 total kills, with Jardin attaining nine; 26 assists, Danee Merrill controlling 18 of them.

The Eagles struggled on winning on the road all season long. Like in most sports, if you are unable to win on the road, your season will most likely not be the best. You must rely on all of your momentum to come from your wins at home.

With no more road games, the Eagles had hope. They came into the game, amped up and powerful, said students in the stands. They played the last team in the conference, Colorado North Western, beating them three games to zero, leaving the last game of the season on a high. “It’s always good to walk away from a season with a win in the last game,” said coach Grant Barraclough.

This season was a learning experience for a new coach with a young team; they learned how to work together and get a feel for each other and can come back next year with the experience and confidence.

Some of the many great things that happened this season, the CEU Lady Eagles beat the no.- 11 ranked Salt Lake Community College and shut out Colorado North Western. They didn’t let them take one match against them. They also defeated Mesa Community College, a team that former CEU volleyball coach Brent Martindale now coaches. The team grew in unity. There have been challenges and disappointments but that comes in all sports. The challenge is overcoming and becoming better.

Coach Barraclough has a great attitude towards this season and his players.

They left Nov. 3 for the long 18-hour road trip to North Idaho College where regional competion starts this weekend. They play the Snow College Badgers at 1 p.m. in the first bracket on Friday.

Athletic Director Dave Paur is impressed with Barraclough. “He is an asset to the athletic department. He is one of the most organized coaches I have ever worked with and hope that he stays with the program.

“His assistant, Chelsey Warburton has already had recruits on campus for next year’s team from Bingham High School. She’s got a great eye for talent.”

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