Volleyball team starts to soar

Posted Friday, October 22, 2010 - 11:25am

How about these lady Eagles? Winning two of their last three games one of which was the number 11 in the nation.

After a rough six-game losing streak, the women visited Colorado North Western and swept the series three games to zero; 25-21, 25-13, and 25-21.

CEU finished with 44 kills Sabrina Simas and Mirana Parkinson both ending up with double digits, 40 assists Julia Potts finished with 34 of them, and defensively finished with 39 digs.

Eastern Utah performed relatively well when compared with Colorado Northwestern’s 26 kills, 25 assists, and 32 digs.

Coach Grant Barraclough said, “During these matches the ladies where performing as a team and working together and applied what they learned in practice into these matches.”

Their next game was on Oct. 15th, when the 17-nationally ranked Snow College Badgers came into town. “The Eagles had a struggle with the strong power outside game the badgers brought to the court,” Coach Barraclough said.

The ladies finished with 31 kills and Parkinson being the only team member finishing with double digits adding 25 assists. The team had 49 digs with Barbara Jardin claiming 14. At the start of all these games, the fight for the lead went back and forth between the two teams but at the end of each match The Badgers came out victorious three games to zero; 25-19, 25-20 and 25-21.

The next day, the once number-two nationally ranked team, now number 11, the Salt Lake Community College Bruins visited Eastern Utah. This match lasted five sets, the lady Eagles claimed the first two games 25-18 and 25-20, just a little pay back for the last time these two teams met, and in one of the games at the start of the season SLCC beat Eastern Utah 25-3. Coach B said, “Coming off a tough loss the day before the team wanted to prove themselves in this conference.” That’s exactly what they were doing showing their dominance at home. The Bruins weren’t out of the game though, they came back with new life taking games three and four: 25-17 and 25-16. All tied up at two-games apiece they go into a deciding game five where the Eagles start with five- unanswered points, then a short come back by the Bruins, but in the end the lady Eagles beat the Bruins 15-11. EU finished with 52 kills, 44 assists with Potts having 37 of the 44, plus 77 digs. Five players finished in double digits: Britni Greenwood 11, Parkinson 11, Potts 13, Jardin, and Abigale Erikson finishing with 16 each.

It’s true what they say “defense wins games.” In their two wins, the Eagles showed impressive defensive abilities. In all the games they have won, they have tied offensively but their defense comes above and that’s what gives them the win at the end.

Their last three games are in the next two weeks. On Oct. 21, they travel to the College of Southern Idaho and North Idaho College. The Eagles’ last home game of the season is Oct. 30 when CNCC comes into town. They defeated CNCC earlier this year.

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