What The Eagle staff wants for Christmas


Posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 6:04pm

Move over Rock Elmo and Leap Frog LeapPad, USU Eastern Eagle staff students want everything from world peace, less stressful days and, of course, lots of stuff.

KC Smurthwhite- My Christmas Wishlist: A winning baseball season, my two front teeth, Red Ryder BB gun, a raise, time to relax and a Baltimore Orioles sweatshirt. Yeah, Santa and I have a good relationship, I think it’s because I am easy to shop for.

David Osborne- I would like a Scotty Cameron Monterey Putter, fully custom so that it is a Junkyard dog putter. But since that is a little too ambitious to have a wonderful first Christmas with my wife that we can remember the rest of our lives will be perfect. To have that would be the greatest Christmas gift that I could ever receive.

Valeria Moncada- I would love for my daddy to be home safe from Mexico for the holidays. I would also like for all of my family to get together and forget all of the grudges they hold for each other. I want to be able to see old friends and make new ones as well. But most importantly I want to be able to wake up Christmas morning and see my mom and dad happy, and be able to thank God for allowing me to spend one more Christmas with my family. But since people tend to ask for Christmas presents I guess waking up to a brand new iPad and a Nicki Minaj Barbie doll wouldn’t be too much to ask. 

Karli Morris- All I want for Christmas is to spend it with my family and friends, and to travel home and back to school in the sunshine with dry roads! However, if I HAD to ask for something, I would ask for pearls and clothes. I also want hats, movies, and someone to do my hair seven days a week, and of course, world peace!

Seth Richards- I know the goodie-goodie request for holiday gifts would be something along the lines of world peace or the expulsion of Palestinians from the Holy Land. A slightly more impulsive but still saintly child might ask for another dreidel or a better fitting yarmulka.

I know I should probably request something so unassuming for the holidays, and with so much poverty in the world, it would be wasteful to indulge in vice or personal enjoyment more than the comfort of well-fitting headgear or a game that nobody remembers how to play.

However, I have been good for nearly half a year and feel entitled to a wee bit of what my mother decried for years. So this holiday season, I would like to ask for women, power, money, real estate, big trucks, loud guns, and anything else that comes with a fat price tag and brings bad karma to those who believe in karma.

Tadd Mecham-This Christmas I don’t really want much. As long as there is a thrift store around I’m fine on clothes, I want a lot of movies but until I have somewhere to put them I’m going to chill out on that one.

I wouldn’t mind a MacBook, but that is something my entire tax return will be blown on because they’re so expensive. So this Christmas all I’m really going to ask for is my degree…and maybe a gift card of some sort. Oh! And some candy.

 Kate Johnson- There are a few things I would like for Christmas this year like a food processor, a new deep fryer or a new iPod speaker doc. I realize, however, that money is tight this year in our home and I haven’t even really thought of Christmas. The only thing I really want is for our family to be together this year and for all our prayers to be answered.

Sammie Fugate- There are four major things that I would like for Christmas this year. The first and most important to me is that my boyfriend, who lives four hours away, will come home safely and for us to spend time together. We don’t go on many dates because of the traveling distance between us and we’re both attending school and don’t have a ton of money for going out or for gift giving. So we decided that our present to each other this year would be a classy date night. I’m very excited for this!

The second thing that I would like is just the typical time with my family and go through our usual holiday traditions. And the last two things I would like are the materialistic tangible objects. I’m a part of what is referred to as the “Harry Potter Generation” meaning I grew up obsessively reading all the books and stood in line for hours waiting for the movies to premier and sadly that all came to an end last July.

However; there is still one last Harry Potter entity that I have to look forward to, and that is that the wrapped present addressed to Sammie under the Christmas tree houses the complete 8-disc DVD box set collection of Harry Potter films! That along with a nice, new, cozy set of pajamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve then to breakfast Christmas morning (one of our family traditions) and my Christmas will be complete!

Daylan Jones wants everyone to be safe this Christmas and for everyone to remember the true meaning of Christmas

Jessa Love Adams wants a kitten and hair extensions.

Nikole Mccarty wants her kids to have a great Christmas and that they get everything they want.

James Justice-This year for Christmas my needs and wants are simple; there are five things that I really want this year.

The first major thing I want is a hug. Not from just anyone though, I’d like a hug from Audrey Hepburn. I know she’s been dead since 1993, it would be weird, but I’d still like it, (Corpse Bride style).

The second thing is a movie quality Chewbacca mask; cool right?

I want people to realize that beauty is only skin deep. I want the world to see people for who they are, what they stand for, their morals and beliefs. That and I want some smoking hot mail order Czechoslovakian brides, $29.99 on http://czech-bride.com plus $9.95 S & H.

The forth is a mystery and the fifth I cannot put because I am censored by the USU Eastern Internet policy.

Shadayah Jones - This year I have been a very good girl! So I think I deserve a brand new 2011 Mazda 3. It has to have a black exterior with chrome rims and the interior has to be red and black. This is my dream car! I think a new car is just what I need. In all reality I will not in any way be getting this for Christmas, which is really sad.

So instead I just want my family to get together and have a memorable holiday. It is not much but this something I have wanted for years. It seems every year something comes up and we cannot all be together at the same time. I just want to be with my family like the holidays are supposed to be.

Brandi Sitterud- I want a million dollars. Then I want another million dollars. I want 12 cars with free insurance, a huge house and a yacht. I want my own mountain. They would name it the Brandi’s Mountains instead of the Andes Mountains.

Colby Tidwell- I want A NEW TRUCK!!!!!!! F-250 Turbo Diesel 

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