What might land you in trouble

Posted Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 8:19pm

Campus life has rules and boundaries. What students are and are not allowed to own or have in their possession is a question getting attention lately. Word is circulating that pepper spray is illegal to carry on campus and this has many people worried about safety. Pepper spray and other items adhering to federal law are allowed.

Candles with burnt wicks are one of the widely known no-nos for students living in residential life but radio antennae, dart boards and barbells are also not allowed. It is legal to carry a gun on campus if you have your concealed weapons permit.

James Prettyman, campus police, believes it has been a "pretty quiet year," then knocks on wood. Just last month in January, keys were locked in vehicles three times, with 10 callouts, five alarms, one criminal alcohol incident, 26 assists, two thefts and one case of fraud.

Campus police are responsible for providing safety services to the campus community, according to the Crime and Safety report found in the Students Right to Know. The report gives definitions of crimes, lists of college programs and tips to improve college safety. Some of these include closing blinds at night whether or not you are home, keeping doors locked at all times and storing money and jewelry out of sight.

Prettyman encourages use of the anonymous hotline called the CEU "Silent Witness Program" at (435) 613-5635 to report theft or any crime. There is also a "see it, hear it, report it" electronic reporting system located on the campus police website which can be found from the CEU webpage.

CEU has a crime awareness program used to inform the community of possible concerns through various mediums. However the philosophy of the CEU Police Department is, "it is better to prevent crimes from occurring than react to them after the fact."

Just a few interesting facts are: acquaintance rape/sexual assault is more common than left-handedness, heart attack or alcoholism. Eight-four percent of victims know their attacker and 57 percent of the rapes/sexual assaults happened on dates. One in four college women are the victims of rape/sexual assault and attempted rape/sexual assault. Seventy-five percent of male students and 55 percent of female students in date rape/sexual assault had been drinking or using drugs.

Prettyman acknowledges normal troubles but his one worry is a drug called spice will catch on.

Items that may not be kept in residential life halls include • firearms, • bows and arrows • air soft guns • pellet guns • BB guns • hazardous chemicals • heavy repair tools • accessories for any vehicle • outside television or radio antennae • waterbeds • water-filled furniture • high-wattage electrical items • dart boards • pool tables • barbells. For a complete list look to CEU residential life.

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As the administrator overseeing housing, I would like to reiterate that the purpose for these rules is to provide a safe environment to all students that live on campus so that they can be focused on achieving their academic goals while at CEU. For specific policy questions about housing, email me at [email protected] or call the Dean of Students office at 613-5289. Thanks and study hard!