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The definition of "improvise" according to Webster is you make up, compose, or perform without preparation; to make from available materials. Some may have heard the slang word "improv". Some would call it a sport for actors while others would call it people making idiots of themselves.

Now most of us, having been raised in front of a TV, have heard of the popular game-show Who's Line Is It Anyway. It's a show where people just make stuff off the top of their heads and it's funny. We like to be entertained and brilliant actors can deliver that hunger we feed on.

Who'd have thought that there was such a talent here?

They call themselves Actors on the Spot. They are the improvisation team here at CEU and they consist of Andrew Barrus (the captain), Zachari Reynalds, Dale Flink, Brandt Peacock, Randon Kerr and Zak Konakis.

Most of the guys have been doing this for three years or more but some are new at this. For instance, Brandt Peacock is doing this for his first time this year while Zack Reynalds has been doing it for seven and a half years. They have started troupes all over Utah and they would like to keep theirs going after they graduate from CEU.

Why do something for so long? When asked, Reynalds said it's, "just an easy way to do theater. It's fun, we like it, we enjoy it." This seems like a decent reason to do something, yes? Well more of a reason given, by Barrus, was "The fun is better than the women that come with it."

They do not compete. They do, however, do traveling shows upon request. This is a new feature that they are bringing to the campus this year. They have done some shows for the all-famous Eagle Experience that CEU holds.

What skills does one have to have to do improv? Reynalds answered by saying that there are "The Three W's" which consist of 1)Willingness, which is the willingness to make yourself look like a fool. 2)Work Ability, which means the ability to work as a team. Teamwork is a huge part of the work that they do. And then 3)Wit, which means that you are quick on your feet and tactful with your words. These are the main things that are needed to help be a successful improv artist.

Practice makes perfect, right? So how do you practice doing the improbable? Reynalds said "We don't get together as a team, we get together as friends." You will pick things up as you go.

If you have a desire to get into improvisation, soon Actors on the Spot will be holding workshops on a weekly basis. Keep your eyes and ears open for specific details as will we.

Auditions will soon. Reynalds stated that "It is hard to audition improv. It's [basically] us getting to know you and you getting to know us. Just come and play."

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