Wildman statues service to college

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 12:00am

As you walk through the Student Center, you may have noticed a large welded Wildman standing on a carpeted stand. How did it get

there, what is it for and who is over it this semester?

Standing at 9 feet 6 inches tall with a hand span of 6 feet 4 inches, the "Wishing Wildman" welcomes all who passes by. In spring 2000, instructor Mike Tyron and his welding department students concocted a larger than life Wildman from a design by "the ancients." Once completed, the maintenance crew mounted it to the stand. Then, on Jan. 11, 2000, the new masterpiece was presented to the student body during "Bigger than Life" week.

The purpose for the Wildman is to preserve tradition and give service to our community simultaneously. On the belly and by his head, there are slots. The instructions are to: "Insert money, rub the Wildman's belly, and make a wish"; hence the name"Wishing Wildman." By slipping a coin into the slot and rubbing his belly, you may get that extra luck needed for your upcoming test. On a more serious note, the money that is collected is donated to local organizations that are in need.

How could all of this carry on? Now that's an easy one: Ven Lima. Born in China, raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Lima decided to come to Price because he wanted to go to a small school. He heard about CEU when he was volunteering at the Boston Food Bank from a friend who mentioned how wonderful this place is.

Lima has been here two years as a student and loves to be involved. For the past two years Ven has served alongside ASCEU as the multi-cultural chair. He has excelled at the projects he has taken on and has become an invaluable asset to the international students. Earlier in the semester, Lima planned, organized and carried out a barbecue for the new and returning international students. He worked hard creating delicious food and getting the word out. The students were able to communicate, meet new friends, and enjoy a delicious meal. This past semester, Lima decided to be the leader over the Wildman. His brilliant ideas allowed students a diverse opportunity to become aware of the Wildman and contribute money. He ordered and designed stickers to pass out to the student body, made a flyer for students with a penny attached to put in the slot, and has creatively decorated the Wildman to make him stick out and match upcoming holidays. Lima truly enjoys this project. He mentions, "I want to keep the school spirits up. I want everybody to know about the Wildman."

It doesn't take long to be around Lima before you realize his optimistic attitude and spunk for life. He is easy going, caring, and dedicated; qualities that compose success in his everyday life. "The kid's a stud. I've never seen him unhappy," says Curt Snelgrove, a fellow leader.

So, as you pass by the "Wishing Wildman" today, reach in your pocket and spare some extra change. If everyone donated a few cents, hundreds of dollars will accrue to benefit individuals who could use the extra help.

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