Wilson ready for a great season


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An athletic woman with long blonde hair who took third in state for sho hair who took third in state for shot put and is the only female in her family, is playing for the 2007 Golden Eagle volleyball team.

Chloe Wilson is attending CEU for her first year of college. Raised in Dallas, Texas, Wilson moved to Bountiful, Utah, at age 12 where she finished growing up and attended Bountiful High School where she was a true Brave. An all-around athlete, she played volleyball, basketball and competed in shot put for the track team. Wilson plans on majoring in dental hygiene and will complete her prerequisites at CEU.

Wilson comes from a family of four, she has only brothers and likes it that way. She came to CEU on three scholarships: volleyball, basketball and academics. "It's nice, I'm being paid to be here."

She is confident about this year's team, "We're all like best friends, we get along so well and I believe that we'll do better this year than previous years." Wilson also guarantees that we'll win a conference game, one, if hopefully not more. "The team's strong point is defense this year, we've got a lot of great passers."

Wilson likes attending CEU. In her spare time she enjoys eating, listening to her music and hanging out in Burtenshaw Residence Hall with her friends. Her favorite class is geology, "Dr. Fleck is hilarious, and I love her accent and the little wink she gives after every joke she tells."

She prefers rock alternative and screamo music to country any day. "When I hear country music, I just want to rip my brains out, I hate it!" She loves ceramics and collects seashells, she thinks it's a little nerdy but doesn't care. Wilson absolutely hates reading books, "Reading is like pulling teeth and I have a hard time bringing myself to read my text books for class."

Her favorite colors are purple and lime green. She has a cat named Bubbles. "Bubbles is the cutest, I love and miss her." Her hobbies center around volleyball and basketball which she practices four hours everyday.

Wilson has a superstition; she worries that on game days if she changes something in her daily routine such as what she eats for breakfast, how she puts her makeup on and the way she ties her shoes that it will change the outcome of the game for bad.

The volleyball team left for California Sept. 12 and she is excited about going to Disneyland. Wilson added that she wants everyone to come out and support the volleyball team.

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