Youngest students on campus

Posted Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 12:13pm

Some people may think that the youngest students at USU Eastern are probably 18 or 17 years old, but that is not true. Located in the West Instructional Building are the youngest students on campus. These students range from about 2 ½ to 5 years old. They are preschool students and they attend school at USU Eastern.

In the WIB, there is a preschool that is open to the community to bring their children. There are two class sessions available for the children. In the first class, there are the 2 ½ to 3 ½ year olds. This costs $230 a semester and is two days a week. The next class is the 3 ½ -5 year olds and is $300 a semester for three days a week.

The purpose of the preschool being located on campus is so the USU Eastern students who are education majors can practice the skills they learn in their classes. Often there are several USU Eastern students in the preschool classroom helping the teachers. They help with the children when they are doing projects and playing. This is a great opportunity for USU Eastern students to gain the experience in the classroom and the children love new faces and having people to play with them.

There are 34-preschool students enrolled in the preschool on campus. According to Keri Allred, preschool director, “The preschool gives the children opportunities to explore, create and use their imaginations. The teachers support this by being flexible and open to suggestions from the children. Above all else, it is a fun place to be!”

The curriculum in the elementary education system is increasing. The children are expected to do more academically and there is less room for the children to be creative. Preschool is providing that hands-on learning that young children need to develop. This is an important aspect for children to learn and preschool provides that environment that is fun, messy and age appropriate, so when the children do go on the kindergarten, they are ready to learn.

Allred says, “My favorite part of preschool is spending time with the children. They are so interesting and funny and so lovable.”

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