Supporting family, friends and allies of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT persons) is the thought process behind the newly organized chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Inc (PFLAG) in Carbon County. The acronym PFLAG, pronounced P-FLAG, stands for an organization to support people who, for one way or another, have been touched by people who are LGBT.
Posted Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 8:42pm
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With many concerns from USU Eastern nursing students, Sandie Nadelson, USU nursing director, took comments and concerns to the State Board of Nursing, Education Committee, at the Dec. 4 meeting in Salt Lake City.
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Enrollment over the past five years at USU Eastern has dropped almost 300 students, according to USU’s Analysis, Assessment and Accreditation website. USU merged with College of Eastern Utah in 2010.
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USU Eastern made news in the state media this week about an incident between the cosmetology department’s classroom and Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo on Dec. 3, 2014. According to Paul Rolly in the Salt Lake Tribune, Piccolo stormed into the cosmetology building and berated instructors over the grade his daughter received on a project. “When campus police officer Lynn Archuleta arrived, one account said Piccolo turned his ire toward the officer saying, ‘Do you know who I am,’” he wrote. Piccolo was cited for disorderly conduct, Rolly wrote.
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Tied for second place in the Scenic West Athletic Conference, the women’s basketball team continues to do exceptionally well as they have started their conference games. They are currently tied for second with the College of Southern Idaho and Snow College, each having the record of 3-2. Salt Lake Community College leads the conference with a record of 4-1. Over the winter break the Eagles played four games, two of which were conference. The other two were in a tournament in Las Vegas.
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Nathaniel Wright comes from a family that is sport orientated and independent. He grew up with, “just me and my mom until my brother came into the world three years later and I have a 12 year-old sister.” Wright is 6-foot-5-inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. He plans on becoming a sports broadcaster, majoring in communications and minoring in marketing.”
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The 2000 Olympic gold medalist in basketball, Natalie Williams, lives by “Our Biggest Fear” mantra and applies it in her coaching. Williams was born Nov. 30, 1970, in Long Beach, Cali., the daughter of Nate Williams who had a successful basketball career. (For eight years Nate Williams played for the Cincinnati Royals, Kansas City-Omaha Kings, New Orleans, Jazz and the Golden State Warriors.)
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Dear Bridgette, you live in a fascinating world full of equally fascinating changes. Daunting and improbable tasks make a habit of entering your life, causing the twists and turns of your personal adventure.
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Shanny Wilson has worked full time at Utah State University Eastern since 2000. After spending nine of those 14 ½ years working as the Director of Academic Advising, Wilson has accepted a new position as the institutions Director of Retention & First Year Experience. “I was asked by the Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services if I would be interested in this new position and I said yes,” Wilson stated.
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“I can not stress enough the importance of serving our students.” Jeff Spears, head of residential life, said about the change that took place over the winter break. “For the first time in over five years, the students were able to stay in the residence halls over the winter break for free.” It’s a big act of generosity for USU Eastern students, especially when compared to other colleges, such as Snow College and the University of Utah, who charge as much as $300 every three weeks to stay in the residence halls over the holiday break.
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The first amendment is the basis of the United States, the basis for our freedom and the cause of the lives we live today. The first amendment is the truly American part of the Constitution. If you do not stand up for your first amendment rights, then what is the point of calling yourself an American?
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I don’t know why they call them wisdom teeth, because they’re not a smart idea. With that being said, I’m glad getting wisdom teeth removed is a one-time deal. Can you imagine what it would be like if we got a new set of wisdom teeth every few years? For the imaginative adult who still believes in the tooth fairy I suppose it would be okay, but for everyone else, it would be tiring at best and, “please kill me” at worst.
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Dear Editor: During the warmups before the December 11th basketball game with SLCC, USU Eastern’s men’s basketball team wore T-shirts with the words “I Can’t Breathe.” As you know, these words call to mind recent deaths in Ferguson and New York City, express sympathy to the families of those killed, and petition for greater scrutiny of law enforcement’s use of deadly force. After Thursday's game, several persons contacted me to express their disapproval and to call for a formal apology from the College.
Posted Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 12:18pm
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