A gluten-free vegan soup will be available for the first time ever at USU Eastern’s Bread ‘n’ Soup Night, benefitting Carbon County Food Bank, Monday, Nov. 17. The community is invited to enjoy an evening of food and charity, with delicious options available for everyone. Along with two other soups, Jason Olsen, an English professor at USU Eastern, will provide the gluten-free, vegan tortilla soup. Olsen, who has been vegan for 13 years, wanted to be a part of Bread ‘n’ Soup Night and make sure the night could accommodate everyone.
Posted Friday, November 14, 2014 - 7:26pm
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In nine days, five USU Eastern students were involved in three car accidents. The first accident involved three members of the women’s basketball team in a six-car pileup on I-15 near Orem, Utah. Freshman Shelby Cornforth was in the back seat of a car driven by Lejla Hadzialijagic and passenger Carol Ficher.
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Devastation shattered through Price as three beautiful and young lives were lost this past semester. Preston Grant, Taylor Johnson and David Taylor; the three names of people USU Eastern lost fall semester 2014. Each of them was beloved by family and peers. Two of them lost their battle to a devastating mental illness and another was killed in a car accident.In honor of the lost lives, Madison Woodward, with the help of H.E.A.R.T. and the SUN Center, organized a candlelight vigil open to the public. People gathered to honor the fallen and celebrate the lives they led.
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Just imagine: you wake up in your bed at 2 a.m. with your house completely consumed by flames. You’re consumed by panic as you run through your house trying to wake up family members as every personal item is eaten by the flames. You get to a phone and call 911 and tell them your house is on fire, but they reply that they can’t get to you because the fire department is at the nearby college because of a fire alarm going off.
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The Lady Eagle’s basketball season has started, and they are starting off the season with a 3-0 record. They played an All-Star team Nov. 1, which consisted of former USUE Alumni players. They were able to pull out with a win of 89 to 64. Guard Bryanna Adams led the game with 17 points, and five other players scored in double digits to help seal the win.
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The 2014 USU Eastern volleyball season wrapped up last weekend in Twin Falls, Idaho, with the Eagles losing in the first round. They went into the tournament in fifth place with a 3-7 record, which they earned the week before when they dropped games to Snow College and Salt Lake Community College.
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The women’s soccer season came to an unexpected end Nov. 7 in the regional semi-final game in Denver, Colo., against Laramie County Community College. USU Eastern, which held a 10-3 shot advantage in the second half, couldn’t overcome the 1-0 score deficit from the first half.  A costly mistake on a misplayed ball proved to be the eventual game winner for LCCC.  USUE finished its inaugural season with an outstanding record of 14-3-2. 
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November is an important month in the history of biology and the understanding of life. In 1859, Charles Darwin published his work, “On the Origins of Species.” This incredible work provided the foundation of everything we know in the field, specifically how life could originate and how it came to be how it is today.
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Recruiting students for Utah State University Eastern is a custom-fit position for Samuel Sumeracki, who loves building relationships and connections with potential students. Sumeracki is from Pueblo, Colo., and attended Colorado State University Pueblo, where he majored in communication and elementary education. Last year he was hired at USU Eastern for recruitment and advising the elementary education program majors. Last summer he applied for and was appointed as an admission advisor in enrollment services where he “travels like crazy.”
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Two local artists, Victoria Meng Dastrup and Wayne Stevens, will exhibit their two- and three-dimensional work at Gallery East from Nov. 10 through Dec. 11. The exhibit, “Fractals & Filigrees,” features Dastrup’s organic life-inspired ceramic work while Stevens’ paintings bring attention to microscopic organisms and replicating geometric shapes.
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I was 7 when I saw the commercial for “Kingdom Hearts,” and goodness did I want to know more. Little did I know, how fully my wish would be granted. My elementary years were rough. I had little confidence, few friends and limited opportunities to make friends and get to know people. Beyond a lack of opportunities, though, there was a harshness in my school towards those who didn’t fit the bill. To my misfortune, I was labeled a crybaby early in elementary school. From the moment I first shed tears in my kindergarten class, I was considered less than everyone else.
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Making friends isn’t easy. Getting to know a person takes time, which is something not many students have. Then there is the matter of all the effort that must be put forth to make a friendship work. Next, the issue of trust always plays a part. Unfortunately, sometimes all the high school drama carries into college, and friendships that you once had can no longer be there. With all of these factors that play against making friends, what is a student to do?
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Domestic, verbal and physical violence against women occurs more and more as each year passes. People try desperately to stop the violence, hoping to create a safer world for everyone. Yet, there is still a problem that we have yet to address and barely bring any attention to: romancing of violence in the media. Many of the “beloved” stories (such as “Twilight” and “Fifty Shades of Grey”) romance domestic violence and teach people that if you’re in love, it doesn’t matter if the relationship is abusive.
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