Utah Gov. Gary Herbert visited USU Eastern on Friday, Oct. 3, to talk with student leaders about his educational goals. He shared his views of education that “not one size fits all” as one of his platforms.

Posted Mon, 10/20/2014 - 4:54pm
The first “snapshot” of college enrollments for the 2014-15 school year (fall semester, third week) shows that the number of students enrolled at Utah’s public colleges and universities held steady with a slight net increase at Utah State University, Snow, Dixie State University and Utah Valley University. USU Eastern, the University of Utah, Weber State University, Southern Utah University and Salt Lake Community College each saw a slight decrease.
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On the night of Oct. 2, a tan truck drove onto campus and its occupants returned the Wildman statue to the north side of the old SAC. Although not in its rightful position, the Wildman was once again safe and back on campus. While investigating the disappearance of the Wildman, it became apparent that it was a group of students who had taken the statue as a prank. They wished to increase awareness and begin a new tradition on the campus.
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Half way through the season, the Lady Eagles are 1-2 in region at home with a win against Colorado Northwestern Community College and tight losses to Salt Lake Community College in five sets and to Snow College in four sets.
The Eagles played CNCC on Oct. 4, beating the Spartans in three sets: 25-11, 26-24, 25-18. Whitney Riffle led the team with 11 kills, Melissa Judd followed with nine kills and Jasmine Covington eight. Judd also had 16 digs, to lead the Eagles with Chloe Brooks following closely with nine. Riffle also led the team in blocks with five.

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Caroline Ficher is a sophomore on this year’s women’s basketball team, but she isn’t just returning for the season, she’s returning from a knee injury she has been recovering from since spring semester. Ficher hurt her knee last January in a game versus Colorado Northwestern Community College. She stole the ball and took a shot from a fast break transition and felt something was not right. She tore her meniscus, and had surgery to repair it. Not only did she have her meniscus repaired, she had to fix the cartilage damage that caused pain.
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Utah State University Eastern’s baseball team wrapped up their fall season on Oct. 11, against Colorado Northwestern Community College adding a final victory for the Golden Eagles. The team competed well this fall and both coaches and players are satisfied with the results of the team thus far and are looking forward to kicking it into gear as they work into the spring season.  
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Eastern Utah Women’s Heath is USU Eastern’s doctors office and despite the name, it is for men and women. The office is located at 77 South 600 East in Price. They are open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and closed on weekends.
USU Eastern students without insurance get two free visits per semester. Those with insurance will have their co-pays paid for. Danielle Howa-Pendergrass said, “The staff is understanding and friendly. No question too big or small.”

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The world's longest-running musical "Les Miserables," opens Utah State University Eastern's theatre season with a two-week run from Oct. 16-25 in the Geary Theatre. It is one of Director Corey Ewan's favorite musicals and it has been his dream to direct the play. This is the second time Brent Innes has designed the set for "Les Miz." The first one was in St. George's Tuacahn Theatre.
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Tony Davis, Serena Key, Sam Czarnecki, Derek Quinton, Roselynn Blake, Nicole McCandless, Erika Haynes, ShaNae Chevalier, Kaden Worwood, Kelsey Mcfarlane, William Chen and Shelby Smith are part of USU Eastern’s choir. Their first performance celebrates Halloween with “Hallow’s Eve Bash” on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 12:30 p.m. in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center’s multipurpose room.
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You are with a group of friends, talking, laughing and having a great time when all of a sudden one of your friends says something to you. It hurts your feelings and even humiliates you. You try to brush it off as no big deal, but you can’t help but wonder why. Why would a friend do that to you?

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We've lived lives, we’ve had heart break and felt love that others dream of. At some point, we decided that what we had wasn’t good enough, that we were capable of more. We pulled ourselves out of the dreary lives we lead and shouted in the loudest voice we could muster, I am not done yet. So we rearrange our lives, make sacrifices and trudge forth, for we are fearless and will not be left behind in a life of mediocrity, we are the non-traditional students and this is our story.
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Thumbs Up: It’s hands on You get to work with your hands The burrito guy “Mo” always comes Stan Martineau has good jokes Thumbs Down: 7 a.m. class sucks Tools are way too expensive Sometimes things break Doug always tells bad jokes
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